Relax - Video CD

FGTH: Relax
[1984] CD-Video Single (promo only) [2 audio tracks listed not present]
CD5: 1984 DE (Island; 060 008-7)

Island Canada Promovideo

Welcome to Frankie say Bang
[March 1985] 62 min. promotional video

'This Documentary is definitely not intended for public access'

From a Wasteland to an Artifical Paradise

FGTH: From A Wasteland To An Artificial Paradise
[June 1985] video ep
VHS: 1985 US (RCA/Columbia; 60449)
12"LD:1990 US (Pioneer Artists; PA-87-187)
12"LD:1990 JP (Laservision; SMO48-3201)
0:23 headers/title
4:11 Relax (wasteland)
4:57 Two Tribes
7:56 Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
3:41 ..meanwhile...backstage..
4:00 Relax (paradise)
0:30 credits


Rage Hard Promovideo

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Rage Hard
[Sep 1986] promotional video compilation
VHS:1986 UK (ZTT; The Frankie Video)
Rage Hard
Relax (wasteland)
Two Tribes (carnage short)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Interview (Pleasuredome - backstage)
[Relax (paradise)]
Rage Hard

Shoot Video (Germany) Shoot Video (France) Shoot Laserdisc
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Shoot! -- The Greatest Hits Of Frankie goes to Hollywood
[Dec 1993] video compilation album

VHS: 1993 DE (ZTT/Warner; 93917-3) [PAL]
VHS: 1993 FR (ZTT/Warner; 93917-3) [SECAM]
VHS: 1994 JP (ZTT/Warner; WMV5-7035) [NTSC]
12"LD: 1994 JP (ZTT/Warner; WML5-7035) [NTSC]

Relax (wasteland)
Two Tribes
Welcome to the Pleasuredome
The Power of Love
Rage Hard
Warriors of the Wasteland
Watching the Wildlife
Relax (paradise - live version)
[with interspersed interview clips]


ZTT 001 DVD MCD-1052  (NTSC)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Hard On - The Complete ZTT Frankie goes to Hollywood Videos
[2000] video dvd compilation album

DVD: 2000 UK (ZTT; ZTT 001 DVD) [PAL]
DVD: 2000 DE (ZTT/Repertoire; REP3001) [PAL]
DVD: 2000 US (ZTT/Warner; ) [NTSC]
DVD: 2000 JP (ZTT/Avex; DVDM-0324) [NTSC]
DVD: 2000 ID (ZTT; MCD-1052) [diff. ps]

Relax 4:07
Two Tribes 4:08
The Power Of Love 4:57
Welcome To The Pleasuredome 7:51
Rage Hard 5:16
Warriors Of The Wasteland 3:57
Watching The Wildlife 3:39
Relax: Live Version 4:20
Relax: Laser Version 3:53
Two Tribes:'93 4:16
The Power Of Love: Version 2 4.58
Welcome To The Pleasuredome:'93 4:55
The Power Of Love:2K 4:13
Two Tribes:2K 4:05

Exclusive DVD Features: Interviews with Paul Rutherford, Trevor Horn, Paul Morley, Paul Lester and Gary Farrow.
The Story of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and ZTT Records.
Pictures, articles and magazine covers.
ca. 125 min