Return To The Pleasuredome Box

Return To The Pleasuredome [2009] boxed set with shirt and condom replica

2xCD+1DVD:2009 JP (Third-Ear; XECZ-1035-1036)

[CD 1 (XECZ-1040)]
1 Relax (Original 7inch)
2 Two Tribes (Original 7inch)
3 Disneyland
4 War (Hide)
5 San Jose
6 Born To Run
7 Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Original 7inch)
8 Our Silver Turns To Gold
9 The World Is My Oyster (7inch version)
10 Rage Hard (Original 7inch)
11 Happy Hi !
12 Warriors (Of The Wasteland) (Original 7inch)
13 Roadhouse Blues
14 Watching The Wildlife (Original 7inch)
15 Get It On (Short Version)
16 The Waves
17 (Don't Lose What Left) Of Your Little Mind (7inch Edit)
18 Suffragette City
19 The Power Of Love (Original 7inch)

[CD 2 (XECZ-1041)]
1 Relax (Sex Mix Edit)
2 Two Tribes (Hibakusha)
3 Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Fruitness Mix)
4 Rage Hard (Young Person's Guide To The 12inch Mix)
5 Warriors (Of The Wasteland) (Attack Mix/feat. Gary Moore)
6 Relax (Coldcut Remix)
7 Two Tribes (808 State Remix)
8 Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Stripped Down Mix By Thomas Schumacher)
9 Two Tribes (Apollo 440 Remix)
10 Relax (Jam - Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale Mix)

[DVD (ZIXEB-1040)]
1 Relax
2 Two Tribes
3 Power of Love
4 Welcome to the Pleasuredome
5 Rage Hard
6 Warriors of the Wasteland
7 Watching the Wildlife
8 Relax [Live version]
9 Relax [Laser Version]
10 Two Tribes [Video Destructo Mix]
11 Power of Love [Version 2]
12 Welcome to the Pleasuredome: '93
13 Power of Love [Rob Searle club mix edit]
14 Two Tribes [Rob Searle club radio edit]