only the cover exists !
 17:07 Rage Hard (usa-club mix) 19:30 Rage Hard (rage bananas mix) SEE COVER SCAN !
 the matrix was destroyed by police before the pressing. thx to t.b. for this info :)

Relax Various/DJ

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax '89
12": 1989 BE (New Belgian Sound 1955-006) [nbs cover]
12": 1989 BE (New Belgian Sound 1955-006) [two woman cover]
5:03     Relax (club mix)
3:18     Relax (inner style mix)
3:19     Relax (detroit remix)

CD: 1989 US (Art Of Mix CD1)(5:25 acid remix)
CD: 1993 UK 5:25 Relax (Art Of Mix) [Ultra Rare Trax]
CD: 1993 UK 6:28 Relax (discotech remix) [On The Way To Hollywood]
12": 1988 UK 7:05 Relax (the megamix) [DMC 1988 April Mixes 2]
12": 1988 UK 7:05 Relax (mega story mix) (sumac RRD1005)
12": 2000 UK Relax 6:25 (wl bootleg mix)
12": 2003 US Relax 7:57 (the ones goes to hollywood)
CD: 2003 UK (V/Vm Test Records VVMTCD69)
ANIMAL - original new york edit
GAMERS IN EXILE - sexually awakened on acid
vvMIKE READ - realisation and the ban
SOLYPIS - grandpa knows best
HOLLY - why is the pop world so boring ?
EVOLdDOPA+SKANDIUM - putting the balls back into frankie
V/VM - original sex mix edit
V/VM - vasectomy snippet
7U? - relax don't sue us
ALIEN PORNO MIDGETS - seduction overload
SHITMAT - frankie goes to dreamscape
V/VM - can't get it up _ the anticlimax/
PRESTO+SPARTANITE - cardiff s.t.d.
ROCKY SMALLS - relapse in do it all
HYPO+O.LAMM - relax, trevor honey, relax
NASAKENAI DOUJI - frankie goes to amarillo
EMIL+JOE - rejects
V/VM - i'm impotent ok, i can't get it up anymore, i'll talk to pele about it !!!
TOECUTTER - canberramolotovmix
COCK E.S.P. - don't come (extra cum mix)
BLAKK SAUSAGE - blonde und vollgespritzt bukkake mix

Two Tribes  Various/DJ
CD: 1993 UK 8:43 Frankie Goes To High Bronski (Two Tribes/Bronski Beat) [Ultra Rare Trax]
CD: 1993 UK 8:44 Two Tribes (hot tracks remix) [On The Way To Hollywood]
12": 1984 US 8:50 Two Tribes (blitz mix) [Hot Tracks Vol. 2 Issue 7]
The Power of Love Various/DJ
12": 2000 UK (CLOUD99) [one sided, 1st edition in red vinyl]
12": 2000 UK (CLOUD99) [one-sided]
       8:40      The Power Of Love (rob searle club mix)
War Various/DJ
CD: 1993 UK 6:02 War [On The Way To Hollywood]
Warriors of the Wasteland Various/DJ
CD: 1993 UK 7:31 Warriors of Suburbia (FGTH / Pet Shop Boys) [On The Way To Hollywood]
CD: 1993 UK  7:38 Warriors of the Wasteland (razormaid) [Ultra Rare Trax]
Welcome To The Pleasuredome Various/DJ
12": 1985 US  8:04 Welcome To The Pleasuredome [Hot Tracks Vol. 4 Issue 5]
CD: 1993 UK 6:45 Welcome to the Pleasuredome [On The Way To Hollywood]
Rage Hard  Various/DJ
12": 1986 UK 6:45 Change of Hard (DMC Oct 86)
CD: 1993 UK 6:05 Change of Hard (edit?) [Aftershow]
12": 2002 IT (Time Records; Time 301) [one sided wl promo] 6:24 Rage Hard (big chunky house remix)
Megamix Various/DJ
12": 198? US 8:00 Frankie Medley (Disco Cuts 500 1/1) [bootleg] [Rage Hard/Relax (original)/Welcome To The Pleasuredome/Two Tribes]
LP: 1984 UK (DMC Sept. 84 Mixes) (frankie goes to war)
LP: 1993 UK (DMC 10/93) (6:07 frankie goes to boston)
CD: 1993 UK 10:05 Frankie Goes To War [War/Relax] (Ultra Rare Trax)
CD: 1993 UK 16:32 Megamix [On The Way To Hollywood]
CS: 1984 UK Frankie Goes To Swansea (DMC Feb 84)
CS: 198? UK [bootleg; unreleased dmc mix] Doctorin' The Frankies [medley]
CD: 1993 UK 22:00 Megamix [The Beginning & The End]
Various Remixes/DJ
CD: 1993 UK 4:24 Black Night White Light (Edit Version) [The Beginning & The End]
CD: 1993 UK 5:23 Happy Hi (Afro Cow Mix) [The Beginning & The End]
CD: 1993 UK 4:37 Suffragette City (Extended Dance Mix) [The Beginning & The End]
CD: 1997 UK 8:54 Medley Mix (Long Version) [Aftershow 2]
CD: 1997 UK 7:53 Medley Mix [Aftershow 2]

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